Oh, how I miss John……

Christian Dior F/W 2010 RTW, John Galliano in Harper’s Bazaar December 2010


Oh, how I miss John……


Christian Dior F/W 2010 RTW, John Galliano in Harper’s Bazaar December 2010

Holly: “Do you think she’s talented, deeply and importantly talented?” …

Holly: “Do you think she’s talenteddeeply and importantly talented?” 

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GlamGirls + BirthdayCakes

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image source: (dustjacket tumblr)

a video tutorial that shows how to apply glitter eye-shadow.

image source: tumblr

supermodel Karlie for Rodarte via photo: getty images

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image source: google images

Supermodel Rasa for Prada

Supermodel Rasa for Prada

image source: here

image source: tumblr

Supermodel Karlie for Salvatore Ferragamo via photo: imaxtree

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In search of the black smoke eyes and OTHER kinds of eyes too! Any eye that is a Goddess Eye is what we are in search for.  Google comes to the rescue. Google says “New Style Chicks how may I help you?” and we say with the utmost adventurism ”Google can you find Black Smoke eyes and OTHER eyes?” Google says “Yes I think I can just wait a sec.”

image source Google Images

We see the picture below and we find that it represents genuine Black Smoke Eyes? Google is it?
Google says, “We think those are probably Black Smoke Eyes.”

image credit black smoke eyes found on Google Images

image source onedeepbreath

We search on and find some black eyeliner representative of retro 1970’s and we like it! Thank you Google.

image source found on Google Images

Oh Look It’s Karlie Kloss (the supermodel) and she has interesting eyeliner detail and we are now almost ready to search for goddess hair. In the world of beauty you are supposed to do your makeup first (don’t forget that rule) and then do hair. So hair is coming up.

image credit: Source: Chanel Photo byLuca Cannonieri 

these eyes have the smokey the black smoke look but it’s shimmery and metallic so that’s a good one to keep on our finds. And now its HAIR styles to go with gorgeous eyes.

image source onedeepbreath

First it’s not essential, but having some log hair helps. Start growing it now if you must.
image source:  The braided bun source: beautifulthingstoshare

We think the model looks fab with a bun + braids on the top of her head and we are still searching for that Tutorial.

image source: (fashionfilesmag.comhere photo by Imaxtree

We like the low bun with braids :)

image source:

We love this one because it looks easy to do.
The Messy Bun tutorial directions as found on (

1. Apply a styling cream like Moroccan Oil Styling Hydrating Cream to damp hair.
2. Blow hair dry with the nozzle pointed downwards and create waves by wrapping sections of hair around a round brush. If your dryer has a cold button, blast a bit of cool air on the brush-wrapped hair to set the curl.
3. Once dry, create and secure a ponytail at the center of the back of your head.
4. Wrap your hair in a loose bun, using bobby pins to secure it in place against your head. Leave the end section of your hair loose, only securing it up to one inch from the end. Tease the loose ends and spray the bun with holding spray. Try Phyto Pro finishing spray with myrrh extract.

photography by Daniel Gurton found on dust jacket attic tumblr

Thank you Google this is what we were looking for.

Oh yay, “the perfect ponytail” tutorial.

More teased hair How To. We do not know the original source but we think it’s by Martha Stewart Weddings.

image source:  Google Images

More Tutorials

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The side braid .

and more Tutorials

i want to be sparkly all winter :) 

i want to be sparkly all winter :) 

"real fashion is about watering down something that’s come from the streets" Boy George

"throw your arms around the world at christmas time" Boy George (boy george & culture club band aid do they know it’s christmas)

We Love this picture of Johnny Depp. 

We Love this picture of Johnny Depp. 

a fierce cute rabbit

a fierce cute rabbit